(And what it means for your order)

Webstore administration, printing and fulfillment for the Movement For a People's Party Webstore is performed by Bumperactive.com.

Bumperactive is a union-organized (CWA Local 6132!), craft printshop located in Austin, Texas. We're proud to lend our shoulders to the cause of Progressive change by printing quality merch for activist organizations, in order to help spread their message where it matters most –in the streets and public spaces of the non-digital, actual, world we live in together. There’s only one of ’em!

Our business model is to support Progressive causes with print-on-demand merchandise — meaning for the great majority of items sell online, “we don’t make it until you order it.”

On-demand printing saves our partner organizations from spending scarce funds on the upfront purchase of store inventory — so this money can be allocated to other vital activities.

And, because a large portion of proceeds from every sale benefits our partner (and, again, there are no inventory costs), a webstore administrated by Bumperactive is guaranteed to be a money-maker, not a money-loser, for the cause.

However, the on-demand approach means it can take longer to fulfill orders than other online portals. We're certainly not Amazon. (Nor do we ever want to be.)

We strive to ship orders within three business days. Shipping via USPS First Class Post may take an additional one-to-three days, depending on your distance from Austin.

However, during times of peak order volume, or when producing items for which the supply-chain of raw materials can take some time, it may take up to seven business days to ship your order.

In particular, items such as Made-In-USA hats and apparel can take longer to produce than other items, since it frequently takes up to three business days for these blank items to arrive at the printshop.

We avoid partial shipments whenever possible in order to minimize our fulfillment expenses, and to achieve overall-maximum shipping efficiency for all customers.

This means that an order that includes a Made-In-USA hat or a t-shirt may take longer to ship than an order only including items such as stickers, mugs or buttons.

If there is a delay of longer than seven business days in fulfilling your order, we'll send you an email explaining the reason for the delay, and our expected ship date. (We will also promptly cancel and refund your purchase if you feel the time is too long, although we hope it doesn't come to that).

We are continuously searching for ways to increase our speed of fulfillment as part of our normal course of business.

From what we hear from our Progressive partner organizations, a three-to-seven business-day turnaround for quality-printed, Made-In-USA goods, manufactured by workers earning a living wage, all with zero-upfront purchase costs, is pretty darn fast.

Thank you for supporting the Movement For a People's Party and helping to spread the word with your webstore purchase! We believe Bumperactive's on-demand approach embodies the values of the movement, and we hope you do too.